Individual Achievement


We enable and nurture our students to compete in variety of upcoming math competitions .  We sharpen the methods they already have and teach them new ones to solve problems effortlessly and accurately. We do this by providing an inclusive, open, competitive and collaborative environment that will allow them to demonstrate their own abilities, and their contribution to their team. We believe this will make them more confident - inside and outside of the classroom.

Leadership & Collaborative Problem Solving


We at Math Trek believe in fostering an atmosphere of collaborative problem solving. As is the case in the real world, tough problems, and great social changes are rarely done solely by one person. We believe in fostering at atmosphere of collaborative problem solving. This not only teaches the student valuable critical thinking skills from doing hard problems, but it also teach them to work as part of a team. 

Develop Critical Problem Solving Skills


We at Math Trek value and promote original thinking and critical problem solving. The problem we train our students in, demands it. We train our students to reducing complicate word problems into mathematical models, and teach them  the Polya 4 step problem solving method.  Most of all, we believe the best way to help students to become better problem solvers is to immerse them into a welcoming, fun friendly collaborative environment where they will be fully engaged, and challenged.